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AOL Users: Read This !!!!

Choosing and Downloading Files From Our Site

Using Files (Background Designs or Stock Photos) From Our Site As Backgrounds In PowerPoint

Using Objects From Our Site As "Clip Art" In PowerPoint

AOL Users: Read This!!!

In order to properly save the images from this website to your hard drive, you must set your browser preferences to Never Compress Graphics and then clear your browser cache. AOL's default setting will only allow you to save web images as .art or .bmp files which will not be recognized by PowerPoint!

These settings may be found on your main toolbar at the top of your screen when AOL is active, under the pull-down menu called MyAOL.

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Choosing and Downloading Files From Our Site

  1. Choose an image from our website.
  2. Click the Download Now button below your chosen image.
  3. Enter your User Name and Password (provided to you when you subscribe). You will only need to do this step once per session.

    Be sure to type your User Name / Password combination exactly as it appears on the payment confirmation page and in the confirmation email.

    All of our User Name / Password combinations use this format:

    Be sure to use all lower case letters and to include the "_" characters (do not use spaces).

  4. Your chosen, full-size, ready-to-use image will appear in a new browser window. Make sure the full image loads into the new window before trying to download it. It's a good idea to watch your browser's Refresh/Reload button. When the image is finished loading, that button will no longer be disabled.
  5. Download the full-size image.
    • Right-click (PC) or Control-click (Mac) on the image to activate a popup menu*
    • Choose Save Picture As, Download Image to Disk, or the equivalent
    • Choose a destination for your image. You can accept the filename used by our site
    or change it to any name you like, as long as you keep the file extension (.JPG) intact.

    * If the popup menu is not available, you can click-and-drag the full-size image from your browser window over your desktop or any open folder of your choice. When you release your mouse, the file will automatically download to that location.

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    Using Files (Background Designs or Stock Photos) From Our Site As Backgrounds In PowerPoint

    This process has a few more steps than just inserting the .JPG image onto a slide and using "Send to Back" to place the image. It is the preferred method however, as it will lock the image in place and your background will never shift when you move from one slide to another.

    1. Go to the Slide Master or directly to a specific slide (the steps below are the same for either option).
    2. Set the background to be the file you downloaded from our site.
      • Choose Format > Background from the menu bar at the top of your screen.
      • The Background dialog box will appear.
      • Click the popup menu below the slide thumbnail image. This popup menu is not labeled.
      • Choose Fill Effects... from the popup menu.
      • The Fill Effects dialog box will appear.
      • Choose the Picture tab
      • Click the Select Picture... button.
      • The Select Picture dialog box will appear.
      • Locate the file you downloaded from our site
      • Click Insert
      • Click OK
      • Click Apply

    Your image will now be formatted into the presentation, and cannot be changed, "bumped" or deleted by accident. If you ever do wish to replace it, just repeat the process above, replacing the background with a different graphic file or with any of the color options built into PowerPoint.

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    Using Stock Photos From Our Site As "Clip Art" In PowerPoint

    1. Choose Insert > Picture > From File...
    2. Locate the file you downloaded from our site
    3. Click Insert

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    Check our Help / FAQ page.

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