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I didn't get a User Name and Password.

I lost my User Name and Password.

My User Name and Password don't work.

My User Name and Password don't seem to work anymore.

I can't get the full-size files.

I don't see where to enter the User Name and Password.

Where are the templates or POT files?

I can't save the Full-Size backgrounds as JPEG (.jpg) files.

PowerPoint won't recognize the file I saved to my drive.

I'm a student / minister / teacher. Can I have a free Password?

Can you make a custom background or art object for me?

"I didn't get a User Name and Password"
"I lost my User Name and Password"

When you subscribe, your User Name and Password are supplied on the "Thank You" page when you return to our ste after completeing the payment process at Amazon.

Your Transaction Number can also help us. It is In the confirmation email from Amazon. This email is sent after your credit card is processed and goes to the email address you provide to Amazon. If you don't receive this email soon after subscribing, there are two likely explanations:

  1. Amazon is a busy site that processes many, many transactions each day. This can sometimes cause a delay of several minutes to several hours. It's rare, but it can happen.
  2. On a separate, previous visit to Amazon, you may have entered a different email address. Amazon may be using this other address.

To retrieve your User Name and Password, please try one (or more) of the following:

  1. Try downloading any full-size image from our site. If you've done so successfully in the past, your browser may "remember" your User Name. It will then fill in the first part of the sign-in window and leave the Password space blank. Your User Name and Password are the same.
  2. Use your browser's History or "Go" function to return to our "Thank You" page. The User Name and Password were displayed just after you returned to our site.
  3. Check your email for the message from Amazon. If you already deleted it, check your trash. If you have not yet emptied or "compacted" your email trash, you may be able to retrieve the message.
    When you find that message, send us and email with the following information:
    • Your Name
    • Your Transaction Number
    • The date you subscribed
  4. If none of these steps work for you, send us an email with the following information:
    • Your Name
    • When you subscribed (if you don't recall the exact date, give us your best guess)
    • The User Name and Password you're trying. You may be close enough that we can figure it out from there. We have a list of all active User Names and Passwords, but because Amazon doesn't tell us who you are, we don't know which one you were given.

Please do not send an email that says only "I lost my password, please advise." We won't be able to help without knowing the things listed above.

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"My User Name and Password don't work"
"My User Name and Password don't seem to work anymore"

There are five possible reasons for this:

  1. Your subscription has expired.

    If you like, you may send us an e-mail with your User Name. We will look it up and tell you when that User Name is scheduled to expire.

  2. You are spelling one or both words incorrectly.

  3. You are typing in ALL CAPS LIKE THIS, or With Initial Caps Like This.

    Both the User Name and the Password must be in lowercase letters like these. Make sure your CAPS LOCK key isn't accidentally locked down.

    Be sure to type your User Name / Password combination exactly as it appears on the "Thank You" page.

    All of our User Name / Password combinations use this format:

    Be sure to use all lower case letters and to include the "_" characters (do not use spaces).

  4. Your browser's "Auto Form" function is active and it is replacing the User Name for with something else (your e-mail address, a PC machine name, your name, etc.).

    Your User Name and Password must be the one provided by Amazon when you subscribed. Using "" or "My Computer" won't work.

  5. You are entering the wrong User Name and/or Password.

    With so many different User Name and Password combinations to remember, it's easy to mix them up. Ever accidentally give someone your phone number at work instead of at home? The same thing can (and often does) happen online.

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"I can't get the full-size files"
"I don't see where to enter the User Name and Password"

Our site uses pop-up windows to:

• Ask for your User Name and Password

• Display the full-size images

If you do not see these windows, one or both of the following are probably true:

  1. You are using some sort of "Pop-Up Killer" software designed to prevent annoying advertisements.

    Your browser doesn't know that the sign-in screen or full-size image is something you actually want and stops the window from opening. Uninstalling or temporarily turning off that software will allow you to see the sign-in screen and the full-size images.

  2. Your browser's "Security" setting is at maximum.

    Some aspects of browser security work a lot like "Pop-Up Killer" software. Changing your security settings to a lower level should do the trick. You can then choose to leave your settings at this new, lower level or raise them again after you leave our site. If you raise them you will, of course, need to lower them again each time you want to download images from our site.

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"Where are the templates or POT files?"

Our site does not offer pre-produced templates or themes. We offer backgrounds and stock photo images. It takes just a few mouse clicks get the file(s) you downloaded from our site into your presentation.

If you're a PowerPoint user and have never used a custom background before, take a look at our
How To Use Files page for a quick tutorial.

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"I can't save the Full-Size backgrounds as JPEG (.jpg) files."
"PowerPoint won't recognize the file I saved to my drive."

This sometimes happens to AOL subscribers.

By default, AOL compresses website graphics automatically so pages load faster. It also allows those files to be saved or downloaded as either a Bitmap (.bmp) or AOL Art (.art) formatted file. PowerPoint won't recognize either file type.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Look in the WWW preferences section while using AOL. Try the pull down menu under "My AOL" in your toolbar. This setting moves around a bit depending on the version you might have, but it's in that general preferences area.

  2. When you get to the WWW preferences section, look for a little box which will already be checked. It will say something like "compress web graphics for faster loading" or "always compress graphics..." (the text for that button has changed with versions, too). It will tell you that AOL is compressing your graphics in some way. All you need to do is uncheck that box.

    Next, all the images you've looked at so far need to be deleted so your computer will replace them with the real, uncompressed, clear images...

  3. To delete the old ones, you need to "empty your cache." Those files sit in a folder on your drive (the "cache") so that the next time you return to a website your computer already has the pictures and doesn't need to download them again. If you don't empty the cache, the same fuzzy, ugly files will keep loading into the page each time you look at it.

    Near the compression button you just worked with (this button also moves around among AOL versions), look for an option button that reads "clear Internet cache" or "empty cache" -- You ARE NOT throwing out anything valuable! This cache ONLY contains files used by your browser. Emptying the cache WILL NOT empty the Recycle Bin or Trash on your computer.

    Now you're done!

    When you go to a website now (any site, not just ours) you're going to notice a tremendous difference in how nice the graphics look! More importantly, you can save and download web graphics in their original file types (.JPG, .GIF, etc.).

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"I'm a student / minister / teacher. Can I have a free Password?"

The only way to keep the site up without plastering every page with ads is to charge a nominal subscription fee for downloads.

We are committed to keeping the subscription price low enough that anyone can afford to use the site when they need it.

On occasion we may extend time, offer free subscriptions or discounts to individuals, teachers, classes, churches, or other groups who might have a unique situation or request. We will evaluate such requests on a case-by-case basis.

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"Can you make a custom background or art object for me?"

Absolutely! Just send an email describing what you have in mind. We'll reply with a quote based on your requirements.

We can customize existing backgrounds (e.g., adding your name, logo, etc.), create new backgrounds specifically for you, create custom objects for use as "clip art" or bullets, and much more. So, please drop us a line and we'll work with you to create the right solution for your presentation.

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